Nambu Ironware, 2-in-1 Iron kettle and teapot type, SWALLOW POT, 0.6L



Nambu Ironware, 2-in-1 Iron kettle and teapot type, SWALLOW POT, 0.6L

Nambu Ironware SWALLOW POT

To change the image of Nambu Ironware.

This iron kettle was designed by Kikuchi Akira, the second son of our sixth generation, in the late Shōwa era (1926-1989) in the hope that many people would see the potential of iron pot and pick one up.

Akira's wife said it looked like a swallow when copmpleted, and that's why it is named Swallow Pot.

At the time it was released, the traditional style was still the mainstream. It was difficult for customers to accept this new type, so it was discontinued. More than 30 years have passed since then, and now that lifestyles have changed, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the Swallow Pot on Twitter in 2020. The response was great, and the product was reissued as a timeless masterpiece.

The inside of the pot is baked at high temperature. This is called the kama-yaki method, which is essential for the finishing of an iron kettle. Now it has been reborn with specifications that are suitable for not only boiling water but also iron supplementation.

Nambu Ironware SWALLOW POT

Wooden knob
After a long period of time, this has been reissued, not only to recreate the original, but also to upgrade it. The knob is finished with wipe-lacquering by Marusan Lacquerware Studio using Hidehira lacquer, one of Iwate Prefecture's representative traditional crafts.

Normally, the knob of iron kettle is integrated and made of iron, which makes it hot, but by using wooden one, the pot does not get too hot to touch. In addition, lacquer is very good at waterproofing

Nambu Ironware SWALLOW POT


The surface is coated with an antirust oxide layer using the traditional technique called kama-yaki (high temperature baking treatment), but as it is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.

2-in-1 Iron kettle and teapot type

You can use this type not only to boil water over an open flame, but also as a teapot with a tea strainer inside.

Nambu ironware is produced using the traditional technique called "kama-yaki" to generate an oxide layer on the surface. It leads to "rust resistance" and "dissolved iron effect" and makes tea and coffee taste better.

Nambu Ironware SWALLOW POT

Product Details
Materials Cast iron , Wood / lacquer (knob), Stainless-Steel (Tea Strainer)
*Suitable for all stovetops including induction
DIMENSIONS From the spout to the end of the handle: 25cm
Base Diameter: 11.5cm
Height: 9.5cm
Full capacity: 0.6L
Weight: approx. 1.3kg
CARRE INSTRUCTIONS When using induction heating, use low to medium heat.
Please be aware that the screwed-on knob may become hot and break if burned empty.
Due to the handmade nature, the color of the knob may differ from the photo sample.
Be sure to use kitchen mittens, as the handle gets hot.

Nambu Ironware Production

Nambu Ironware Production

01. Coke is the fuel. Coke has a calorific value of more than 1,500 degrees Celsius. This heat melts iron.

02. A mold made of sand. Molten iron is poured into the mold to form an iron kettle or teapot.

03. This mold is a modern remake of Tominoshin Oikawa V's original tetsubin dragonfly from 1954. This is used to make the sand mold in 02.


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