Nambu Ironware, Teapot, REIWA ARARE, with trivet mat, 0.5L



Nambu Ironware, Teapot, REIWA ARARE, with trivet mat, 0.5L

Nambu Ironware REIWA ARARE

This is a Nambu ironware teapot made to commemorate the new era "Reiwa"

The design features a pattern of plum blossom petals in reference to the verse in the anthology of poems Man’yôshû, from which it is derived.

The Manyoshu was compiled more than 1,200 years ago. From the context, “rei” means “beautiful” and “wa” means “harmony”.

You can enjoy both the roughly textured pattern, a classic style of Nambu ironware, and the way flowers bloom.

The white inspired by plum blossoms is spread on gold base, which feels elegant and modern, with a striking finish.

It is enameled to prevent rusting inside, and has very good heat retention properties.

Nambu Ironware REIWA ARARE


Since the inside is enameled, there is no change in water quality due to iron leaching. Using all heating units, including open flame and induction heater, is not allowed.

Enameled and Easy maintenance

YSince Nambu ironware is made of cast iron, rust may occur depending on usage conditions such as humidity and moisture.

The teapot type has an enameled interior, which prevents it from rusting inside. It is easier to handle.

Nambu Ironware REIWA ARARE

Product Details
Materials Cast iron, Enamel, Stainless-steel (Tea strainer)
DIMENSIONS Entire width: 16cm
Entire height: 15cm
Height to the lid: 9cm
Diameter of the trivet mat: 16.5cm
Full capacity: 0.5L
Weight: 1kg (teapot), 0.4kg (trivet mat)
CARRE INSTRUCTIONS This is not a kettle for boiling water, so cannot be heated by induction heater or open flame.
If tea drips from the spout, it may cause stains. Gently wipe it off immediately with a cloth or place one over the spout before pouring.
When cleaning, rinse the inside with warm water without detergent, and wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth. Gently wipe the outside of teapot and mat with a dry cloth.
Do not use a sponge or a washcloth as it causes loss of color.
Do not clean in a dishwasher.
If the surface of the teapot or the mat, which is not enameled, is not dried well, rust will occur.
Please note that cooking near this pot may result in oil stains and discoloration due to oil splashes.

Nambu Ironware Production

Nambu Ironware Production

01. Coke is the fuel. Coke has a calorific value of more than 1,500 degrees Celsius. This heat melts iron.

02. A mold made of sand. Molten iron is poured into the mold to form an iron kettle or teapot.

03. This mold is a modern remake of Tominoshin Oikawa V's original tetsubin dragonfly from 1954. This is used to make the sand mold in 02.


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