Naruko-style Traditional Kokeshi Dolls, 24cm, Kokeshi no OKAJIN, Okazaki Yasuo



Naruko Kokeshi Dolls, 24cm, Kokeshi no OKAJIN, Okazaki Yasuo

Traditional Kokeshi Dolls

The size is 24cm, a bit large. It is full of the charm of the simple and neat Naruko Kokeshi doll.

Naruko-style kokeshi dolls are one of the most popular types of kokeshi dolls. It is said to have been born in the late Edo period to early Meiji period in the Naruko hot spring in Miyagi, Tohoku.

Naruko kokeshi dolls make a "squeaky" wooden sound when the head is turned. The head is not fixed but fitted into the body with a moderate tightness, which is a highly sophisticated technique of craftsmen.

Traditional Kokeshi Dolls

The figure is characterized by the tension of the shoulders and hem.
The slightly constricted body is decorated with a chrysanthemum pattern.
The figure is cute, like a little girl with her kimono sash tied high.
She is a Japanese beauty with a gentle face, and her head is depicted with bangs, two bunches of hair, and a red hair ornament.

Traditional Kokeshi Dolls

Product Details
Materials Mizuki wood (Gunma Prefecture)
Head natural
Height Approx. 24.0 cm
Width Head: approx. 6.8 cm
Body: approx. 6.0 cm
Weight Approx. 330g
Production Okazaki Yasuo(Kokeshi no OKAJIN)
Certification Traditional Craftsman
Producing Country Japan

*The face is finished without bleaching. The natural whiteness and grain of the wood are utilized.

*All products are made of natural wood and handmade. Although we produce the same product as the sample, each product is unique in color, shape, wood surface, and expression.

*Please note that there are individual differences.


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